Of all the national saints' days in the UK and Ireland, arguably the most popular is St Patrick's Day. The Irish love for a party is world-famous and infectious, and many English people in particular claim Irish heritage for the day so that they can join in the festivities! 
I even heard an English guy once claim that he was of Irish descent because his grandmother fell down the stairs on a holiday in Dublin! 
Are you one of those who regularly jumps on a green, white and orange bandwagon, just for an excuse to have a drink on the 17th of March every year? 
Well maybe you might not be an imposter! You may have Irish heritage that you don't even know about. Why not find out? You don't even need to do a load of research. It takes just 30 seconds of your time to find out. 
Spit into a tube and your DNA will be analysed to discover if you have Irish roots. According to genealogy website Ancestry, nearly 1 in 4 British people have Irish DNA. Maybe you can claim St. Patrick's Day as your own too! 
Footsteps will guide you through the whole DNA process from ordering your test to explaining your results to you. Your results may even put you in touch with some long-lost Irish cousins who you can celebrate with on St Patrick's Day! 
Tell Footsteps you want to prove your Irish ancestry, and claim your 10% discount on a DNA package
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