You may know your ancestor was an agricultural labourer and you’ve read about agricultural labourers and seen old photos of farming machinery so you know some theory about what it was like. 
But what if you could take this to another level. What if you could feel what it is like to prepare a magnificent shire horse for work or experience how difficult it actually is to plough a straight line across a field. 
If your ancestor was a blacksmith, imagine making your own horseshoe from scratch, hammering it into shape on an anvil. Or if your ancestor was a baker - baking a batch of bread in an authentic Victorian bakery. 
We believe that once you have experienced how hard it could have been for your ancestors to make a living and make the best of their lives, that would make you so much more grateful for what you have now and grateful for how relatively easy we have things today. 
Imagine being able to travel back in time and share experiences with your family from the past. You will spend the day with an expert who will be able to give you a unique understanding of the lives of your ancestors. 
But here’s the really special part of this experience. You get to share it with other members of your family. Bring your children along for the most engaging history lesson and an opportunity to understand and connect with their heritage. 
Dinner Evenings 
Alternatively, how about recreating a family get together from the 1940s or 50s? Historically accurate menus, entertainment and a fun social experience for the family. Contact us on the numbers below for more ideas and info. 
For the Enrichment Experience we start with an hour-long consultation. This enables us to discuss which experience you would like and what is involved. Then you get to spend a whole day walking in your ancestors’ footsteps. 
Each experience is led by a historical expert. Each expert is highly skilled in the work your ancestors would have done. They use the same tools of the trade and understand the working conditions and wider social context of the work. This is how you will get the most authentic experience possible. 
This experience is for a minimum of two people, and we encourage you to bring other family members along, especially children, as we believe this is the best way for them to engage with their heritage, learn about aspects of history and share a family day out with you that they will never forget. 
Prices for this very special Enrichment Experience start at just £795. 
So, if you want to truly bring your family history to life and walk in your ancestors’ footsteps (or you know of someone close to you who would love to do that), this is definitely one for you! 
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