Discovery Package 
‘Dip your toe in…’ 
This package includes an hour-long consultation. At Footsteps we want to be a part of your journey into your family history and we believe this personal contact is a vital part of that. 
We like to build life-long relationships with our customers, so this is our first opportunity to really get to know you. We will then be able to tailor our research to your needs. 
Once we really understand where you are with your family history and what you would like to know, we then do 2 hours’ research. We then have another hour-long consultation where we report back to you on our findings. This is preferably done face-to-face, because we love sharing your reaction to what we have found! 
Prices start from just £195, so the Discovery Package makes a fantastic, affordable gift for someone special. 
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Connection Package 

‘Take committed steps…’ 
Do you want to get to know a particular branch of your family better? Want to know more about a relative who was involved in a major event like a World War or the Industrial Revolution? Want to know more about your surname and your ancestors who gave it to you? Then this is the package for you! 
Once we have completed our initial 1-hour consultation and really understand where you are with your family history and what you would now like to know, we then do 10 hours’ research, including creating a beautifully presented report which you can share with all your family and friends. 
We then have another hour-long consultation where we report back to you on our findings. As with the Discovery Package, this is preferably done face-to-face because we love sharing your reaction to what we find! 
In addition, this package also includes three documents that we would need to verify and expand our research. These documents could be a birth, marriage or death certificate, or a will, for example. 
Prices start from just £495. 

Other services we offer 

Expert Consultations 

We offer personal consultation services for television, radio and online media.  
In addition, if you are a genealogist or family historian (whether in a professional capacity or just as an enthusiastic amateur) and you would like some expert guidance or validation of your research, we would love to speak to you. 
Consultations will be tailor-made to your specific requirements, and can be for just 30 minutes at a time, right up to multi-day engagements. 
Prices start from just £95 

Family Reunions 

Why wait for a family wedding or even a funeral to see your wider family again? Why not have a family get together where there are no choreographed formalities to observe and that everyone can just attend and enjoy? 
Footsteps can make all that happen.  
Picture walking into a room to find all your family there waiting to share the day with you. Somebody booked the venue for you, sent out all the invitations, organised the delicious food and all you had to do was turn up and enjoy yourself! 
Pricing on application 

DNA Tests 

Our DNA package is particularly exciting because it promises everyone a positive result. We are not dependent on knowledge, documents or artefacts. All we need is your saliva! 
You will discover your ethnic heritage going back over a thousand years and trace your female mitochondrial DNA back tens of thousands of years. If you are male, we can do the same for your male Y DNA. If you’re female, ask your dad or a paternal uncle to get involved in this project! 
Also included in this package is a beautiful 40-page book telling the story of your DNA back into pre-history. 
You will also get to explore your results with a DNA expert who will help you interpret your results and help you connect with family members across the world. 
Prices start from just £395 

Adoption Research 

If you gave up a child for adoption or were given up for adoption yourself, we want to support you to find the person or people who have been missing from your life all this time. 
We work with a registered intermediary who is legally qualified and authorised to carry out adoption searches and who has a success rate that is second-to-none. 
We believe that once you have found who you are looking for, that is just the beginning. You are embarking on the most emotional journey of your life.  
In our experience, we have found that some people need ongoing professional support to rebuild relationships and deal with any issues that are brought up by a reunion. We work with a team of specialist family counsellors who can help you build positive relationships with your new-found family. 
Prices start from £1,900 


Stories are so important to people.  
For thousands of years, people have told stories about their ancestors and, in some cultures, oral history forms the most significant part of the collective archive. 
But stories can change over time as details get forgotten or exaggerated or misinterpreted, so we believe it is important to back-up this information in the form of a written history that can be shared with other members of your family and future generations. 
We can compile all your stories and put them together with photographs, documents, letters and other sources into a beautifully bound book as if your ancestors had written it for you. What a uniquely special birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift this would make for someone you love. 
We can even interview members of your family to capture their memories first hand to include in the book. Sometimes the character of a story comes from the person telling it. We can record these interviews on CD or video, so that you will always be able to hear the words as well as read them. This package includes a free digital copy of any recordings. It is vitally important to include the stories of the older generation and we like to interweave input from the younger generations too. 
Imagine the next time your family get together you share this book with them. Picture the looks on their faces, the smiles it will create. Imagine the happiness it will bring to your usual family get-togethers. Just imagine how much more fulfilling that experience will be when they know that you’ve gone to this effort of helping them reconnect with their family. 
Prices start from £1,350 
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