Learning more about where you’ve come from and the people who made you can be the most rewarding journey you ever make. 
Maybe you have been inspired by the experiences of the celebrities on Who Do You Think You Are? 
But right now, you might be working and raising a family and you haven’t really got time. So you put the idea on the back-burner and maybe you’ll get into it when you retire. 
The issue here is that, right now, it is very likely that you have older family members like parents, uncles or aunts who are still alive. They will have a wealth of information about your past in the form of old documents and photos and also their own memories. 
If you delay doing this by 15 or 20 years, sadly they may no longer be around or have the capacity to share stories with you.  
If I had a pound for every time someone said to me, “I wish I’d taken more interest when my parents were still alive…” 
My name is Ben Nicholls, and that is why I created Footsteps. I passionately believe in making it possible for you to engage with your family history now. I can efficiently access records online as well as in more traditional archives, saving you time and money. I can even organise a family get-together for you. 
This just leaves you to enjoy even more quality time with your family, with a greater understanding of who you all are and where you’ve come from. And don’t forget to involve your children in all this, so it becomes a multi-generational experience. 
After all, they are your family’s future. 
If you enjoyed this blog and it has inspired you to find out more about your family, click HERE to take the next step. 
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